Released Projects

Spirit Herder

Get those Ghosts out of your Graveyard before the timer runs out! The quicker you get them all out, the more points you'll earn!

Earn your High score and beat your friends to see who truly is the best spirit herder!

Made in 48 Hours for the Octobear Studios Personal Halloween Jam

Released October 2021

Slime Sorcerer

Kill Slimes, Earn Souls, Buy Upgrades. In this new casual game from Octobear Studios, you play as an almighty Sorcerer with just one goal, Earn Souls.

Use earned souls to purchase upgrades such as Killer Slimes, Stronger Clicks and Explosives that can wipe out a screen of Slimes in a Flash.

How many Souls will you Collect?

Released October 2021


The first game in the Micro Projects series... AstroTec! An infinite runner about catching your ship when it floats away on an asteroid mining expedition.

Sprint to catch up with your ship, dodging asteroids and collecting any Astro-Ore that falls out your ship.

Compete to get high scores and see how far you can go without falling.

Run, Jump, and collect Astro-Ore in this free micro project game created by Octobear Studios!

Released May 2021

Projects in development


Here at Octobear Studios we are proud to announce Micro-Management. A managment puzzle game all about running a business on a tiny scale!

In Micro-Management, you take control of a business and tweak it until it's as efficent as possible.

Slide tiles and buildings around until you've met all the requirements, and earn raiting based on how many moves it took.

Work hard, solve all the puzzles, and management may consider moving you on to bigger and better things!

Estimate release 2023

Chess Tactics

And now, Octobear Studios would like to introduce Chess Tactics. A chess training App and Puzzle Game.

Improve your chess and gain valuable chess pattern recognition in this game that will test your chess ability and help you become the best player you can be!

Be presented with hundreds of puzzles, ranging in dificulty from beginner ~400 ELO to Master ~2000 ELO.

Do you have what it takes to become a Chess Grandmaster?

Coming Soon